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Welcome, Creatives! My name is Khristee Rich. I started my business from a place of joy, from a calling, and my business has evolved to places I could never have dreamed of.

Today I am a holistic healer, transformational speaker, and medium. I help women that Western medicine has failed. I specialize in helping women (25-55) with chronic illness who have tried everything to no avail before they met me. Clients call me the "miracle worker" because unlike other healers, I clarify the root cause and heal that first. Plus as a medium, I connect to your spirit and the divine for guidance, and from there, together, we restore your health with simple and potent actions and natural remedies that allow you to return to living a happy, healthy life. As a speaker, facilitator, and cheerleader, I serve women who are ready to heal themselves so that they can excel in their personal lives and in their creative careers. I change the way you think about health and wellness. I change the way you think about yourself and what is possible.


What is The Dancing Curtain???
The Dancing Curtain is the moment you decide to live an extraordinary life.
Are you ready to decide to live an extraordinary life and leave the struggle, doubts, and fears in the past? The minute you decide you want a better life is the minute the entire Universe shifts in your favor.

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Learn more about Holistic Healing and how Khristee is different from other healers by clicking here.


My Mission

My mission is to inspire and empower women
and to share truth and understanding about the benefits of holistic health and wellness so that women can shine in their personal and creative careers.


Where did the name The Dancing Curtain come from?

In 2009, The Dancing Curtain, LLC began; it started as a comedy business. After I left my workaholic job at a not-for-profit contemporary art museum, I saw comedy everywhere! I began writing comedy from the time I woke up in the morning to the time I went to bed at night and then woke up in the middle of the night laughing, flicked on the light, and wrote some more! Everything around me was a short five-minute comedy skit. After writing comedy non-stop for two and half months, I realized it was my calling to start a business to spread joy and laughter, and build community during the recession.

I decided each show would end with a dancing curtain call: comedians would dance their bows and to remember my gimmick, I called my business, The Dancing Curtain. My business started with actors from New York City and performances started in Connecticut.

I had been battling a debilitating, chronic illness. Finally after struggling with my health for fifteen years, my doctors gave me a proper diagnosis: heavy metal toxicity. They said I should have been paralyzed or suffered brain damage. Doctors recommended chelation therapy and said it would take a full year of weekly treatment in NYC. Instead, I researched natural foods and supplements I could take to chelate the heavy metals out of my blood, without any side effects. I started meditating daily and I told herself that I would be well in one month. I healed myself naturally in one month!

Through practicing meditation, Reiki and shamanism, I became clairvoyant and psychic and began to use my gifts in my daily life. In 2017 I traveled to see the famous medium, John of God, in Brazil. I meditated with him for up to six hours a day. This experience greatly transformed me and made me a medium.

Today I am a healer and spiritual teacher. I work with empaths/highly sensitive women and creatives to overcome their greatest pain from chronic illness, chronic pain, abuse, trauma etc. so that they can live their life greatest joy and live a life beyond their wildest dreams. With my Reiki/shamanism blend and my skills being clairvoyant, psychic, a medium, and an empath I inspire and empower my clients to be their own health advocate, to persevere, and to dream big so that they they can step out from behind the curtain and joyfully live the life they were meant to live.

In addition, I host a private Facebook Group called Empowered Joyful Empaths to empower empaths to put their needs first and to be more joyful. In the group I teach meditations, creative visualizations, journaling, and gives tips for empaths to protect their energy and practice self-care. I also offer intuitive card readings and personal anecdotes for inspiration.

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Fun Facts About Confident Khristee:

  • As a child, Khristee overcame her paralyzing shyness and broke out of her shell by enrolling in acting workshops and performing in summer musicals. (She played a mean Miss Hannigan! Convincingly drunk her mother said!)

  • As a sophomore in high school, she was voted "Talks Least, Says Most" and later her peers voted her "Best Actress" in her high school yearbook.

  • In the summer of 1995, Khristee spent most of the summer traveling through Europe and Africa (mostly traveling on her own –  meeting friends and family here and there.)

  • After seeing a random flyer in a waiting room about a Russian shaman traveling to Connecticut, Khristee began studying shamanism for many years in Connecticut. She always includes these powerful healing techniques in her Reiki sessions.

  • In 2008, Khristee healed herself from a debilitating 15 year illness greatly through the power of her positive mind (meditation), food, and her immense desire to be well. (a miraculous healing in only ONE month!)

  • In 2009, Khristee started performing standup comedy to keep her business alive. (Someone had to do it!)

  • In 2011, Khristee moved to San Francisco (without family, friends or a job in the area) after having an inspirational dream about San Francisco. (This woman literally follows her dreams!)

  • In 2014, Khristee moved to Hollywood to be an actress/comedienne in Hollywood. It was fun; unexpected doors kept opening!

  • In 2015 Khristee was a host and comedienne for a variety show, Khristee’s Fresh Squeezed Comedy Show, at Second City in Hollywood.

  • 2016, Khristee followed a dream of hers to travel to South America. She traveled to Peru for 3 weeks on her own, soaking up the culture, making new friends, and practicing her Spanish. Her experience transformed her. She showed up so confidently that she was invited to return to Peru in 2017 and dance in the Candelaria Festival, the biggest cultural festival in Peru.

  • In July 2016, Khristee returned home to Ridgefield, CT to reconnect with her family, friends, and her hometown community.

  • In June 2017, Khristee clicked another item off her bucket list, she traveled to Brazil for the first time ever. She stay in rural Brazil for two weeks to meet John of God and to experience Brazil. She meditated for up to 6 hours a day and made new friends from all over the world!

  • In 2018 Khristee began channeling spirit and began to share her healing journey through inspirational public talks.



Are you ready to step out from behind the curtain and SHINE?

Heal yourself, explore your limitless potential, access your genius, and live a life of joy!

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