Want to Feel More Alive? Happy? And Free?


Are You Ready to Have The Summer of Your Life???

Are you a spiritual person? Have you been growing, changing, and evolving? Have you been connecting to your spirit, your dreams, and your calling BUT find that you are going through growing pains? Is it hard to see that your old friends don't have the zest for life that you do? Is it difficult to see that you are growing out of friendships that you once held dear? You are committed to your spirituality and your best life, you can't be around those with low energy, who choose to complain instead of change, you need new high-vibe like-minded friends!!! You need to have the best summer and develop a new community which will raise you up, support you, nurture you, and who you can be yourself around sharing your spirituality and insights!

I've got your back!!!

I see this happening all the time with my clients. They come in with deep pains that they have been struggling with for years; we do the work; they transform; they dream bigger; they release their pain; they feel great but then they see they have outgrown their friendships. Their old friendships/relationships mirror their old selves, their old mindsets, their old pain. They can choose to limit their time with these people or to see that they have completely outgrown some relationships and let them go, but then they realize they still need new friendships and support. But how???

So I have created my Add More Zing Book Club. A virtual, interactive book club to help you to have more joy, fun, and community this summer!

Add More Zing is inspired by Gabby Bernstein's book, Add More Ing: A Hip Guide to Happiness. We will read my spiritual mentor's book, connect virtually over five live calls, do the exercises, share our experiences and then meet LIVE in-person in Fairfield County, Connecticut to have some summertime fun and build new friendships with other high-vibe spiritual people!!

It's going to be so much fun!!!

Add More Zing Virtual Book Club begins early July and runs through mid-September.

Gabby's book will be our guide. Gabby's book is a quick read with exercises to change your mindset and become more high-vibe, a magnet for our greatest desires.

The book, Add More Ing: A Hip Guide to Happiness, discusses such topics as:

  • Getting in touch with your feelings
  • Forgiveness
  • Balance
  • Mirroring
  • Releasing Romantic Illusions
  • Focusing
  • Manifesting

                   and MORE!!


The book requires a commitment to Gabby's ING Formula. By committing to 30 days of moving, meditating, and journaling, you will see great changes in your life. And even greater results if you pick an area of your life for 30 days to focus on.

Commit to two 30 days challenges on the topic of your choice and free your limiting thoughts, negativity, and fear by choosing activities to get you moving and grooving, and out of your over-thinking brain and have some FUN!!!


Low on Free Time?

It's only five live calls and committing to changing your mindset. Journaling, meditating, choosing your favorite fun activity and then joining us for fun is on your own free time. Completely up to you how much time you wish to commit! But of course, the more time you commit and make it a daily practice the greater changes you will see by September.


Miss a live call? No worries! A recording will be sent to you. Live in my area? You are welcome to attend as many live in-person events as you like or your schedule permits. All in-person events will be free or low cost events in my local Fairfield County area with a couple of options in New York City.

We will picnic and go to outdoor concerts, go to outdoor movies, spend afternoons at the beach and so much MORE!!!


Not in my area, but still want to have fun, grow your spirituality and make new friends??? Join us on the calls AND receive a PDF with resources of how to build new friendships in your area this summer.

You can add more Zing wherever you are!!!



All you need is Gabby Bernstein's book, "Add More Ing: A Hip Guide to Happiness" (Order on Amazon!) and your journal.

It's time for you to have the summer of your life! It's time for you to add more Zing!!!

Sign up today!! Only $222!


Khristee Rich is a healer, transformational speaker, coach, and thought leader. She has fifteen years experience as a healer helping her clients with a range of illnesses, conditions, and problems. She has studied with Gabby Bernstein in New York City for her Spirit Junkie Level 1 Masterclass. Her mission is to empower her clients, to connect them with joy, their creative genius, and their life purpose.


For additional private support during the course you may add on a separate private healing with me (in-person or virtual). Choose between my signature two hour 15 minute session for a deep transformational healing or my one hour 15 minute Reiki/shamanism session for a tune-up or for a splash of joy.

Need more support? Choose one of these add-ons:
A One Hour 15 Minute Virtual Healing Session To Bring You More Joy (Available via Skype, Phone or Zoom in the comfort of your home)

Khristee's Signature 2 Hour 15 Minute Deeply Transformational Virtual Reiki/Shamanism Session (A Powerful Insightful Healing Experience!)

I am so excited for this program!! I know you are going to love it! Invite like-minded friends!! See you LIVE!!