Are You Tired Of Feeling Stuck? Stressed Out? And Exhausted All The Time?

Are You Hoping For A Breakthrough So That You Can Enter The Next Phase Of Your Life And Gracefully Connect With Your True Life Purpose?

Make Time For Your Breakthrough!!

Return To Your Healthy, Vibrant Flow!

Align With Your Fun! Engage With Your Genius!!



I created this program for YOU because I know you're a highly-sensitive empath who takes on the energy of others. You take on the pain of others because of your kind heart but often feel depleted, stressed, emotional (sometimes without knowing why) instead of joyful. You struggle with personal boundaries and asserting yourself. I see so many people struggling with this! So many people are lost looking for direction and guidance! So many people are tired of accepting these challenges and are ready to step up and CHANGE! It’s the time of the ascension!! Time to live in our joy, to embrace our talents, our life purpose, and take action to elevate society!

This is a BIG time in our history. It is more important than ever for lightworkers to feel empowered and to bring more light and healing to the world.

For many, many years I offered my Reiki/shamanism single sessions to anyone who wanted healing. In time I noticed I was attracting the same like-minded clients again and again. Empaths who felt stuck. Empaths/highly sensitive people who were hurt (wounded) and needed to overcome a huge challenge from their past such as traumas (emotional or physical), emotional abuse, and fears to current obstacles such as chronic pain, chronic debilitating illness, to simply feeling stuck in their lives and not knowing what was “next” or how to access their joys, creativity, and passions again.

From one session my clients and I made a lot of progress, but then many would return back to their old lives, not do the homework, get side tracked and not return for another session for several months. By that time, they had developed more problems and felt more off-center and off-track. I had to retrace our steps of what we discussed months ago plus get filled in on what had happened in the meantime. We had accomplished so much in one session, but then we had lost the momentum. It takes 40 days to change a behavior. So even though they my clients felt great after one or two sessions, their behaviors in the long run did not change because they did not have me to continue to support them through their transition. They forgot what was discussed. Repetition is the key to learning for most of us; so sometimes it takes hearing the same ideas over and over again until we fully comprehend or assimilate the ideas into our lives. Sometimes we have layers to heal so we must peel back one layer and address it gently before we can move onto another layer.

So it was CLEAR! I needed to create a package for my clients so that they could witness their transformation! I needed to create a package so they would feel supported along the journey! I needed to create a package so they could continue to ask questions for clarification and guidance! I needed to create a package so that they had a constant cheerleader on their side during the ups and downs of  life’s journeys. I needed to create a package so that they could find their voice and express themselves in a safe, supportive environment so that they could get clear on their passions and desires and begin to trust their own intuitions. I needed to create a package so change would become easy and fun and no longer a struggle. No more butting heads. No more giving up! No more excuses! My clients would be excelling and living a magical life beyond their dreams! When one person is in their joyful alignment we ALL benefit!!!


  • Are you feeling stuck? Emotionally, physically, or spiritually?

  • Are you lacking confidence? Courage? Charisma? Are you a people-pleaser with unhealthy boundaries? Do you always make yourself available to others and have a hard time saying no? Are you co-dependent? Do you wish to become more independent?

  • Do you always ask others for answers and validation instead of trusting your decisions? Do you believe that everything is working as planned and in your favor? Or do you believe that life is harder for you and that you keep falling into the same patterns? Would you like to strengthen your intuition so that you know when you are reacting out of fear versus acting from a place of knowing?

  • Have you lost your passion? Your zest? Your joy?

  • Are you looking for love? More clients? Or more supportive friendships?

  • Are you a perfectionist? A workaholic? Have you been putting off your self-care time? Do you feel that you are not worthy of a break or relaxation?  Do you feel like you are not worthy of success? Do you have imposter syndrome?

  • Would you like to connect with your spirit? Are you clear about your talents and the direction your life is headed? Would you like to connect to the divine and feel that you are always being supported? Do you dream of waking up every morning feeling inspired, enthusiastic, magnetizing opportunities, people, and praise into your life simply by giving yourself the permission to be you?

It’s time to dream BIG! Follow your joy! Activate Your Genius!!



I am constantly taking leaps in my life, following my heart, and living my joy! I can help you to Align With Your Joy too!

My Background

  • As a child, I overcame my paralyzing shyness and broke out of my shell by enrolling in acting workshops and performing onstage in summer musicals. Onstage I would completely meld into the characters, people who knew me didn't recognize me!

  • At fifteen years of age, I left home for boarding school. Voted "Talks Least, Says Most" in my dorm and later voted "Best Actress" in my high school yearbook by my peers for my role as Miss Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls". How many shy girls can say that?

  • For my Junior Year Abroad in college I lived in London, England for the year. I studied British theatre at the British American Drama Academy. During the summer, I spent most of the summer traveling through Europe and Africa (mostly traveling on my own). It was the best summer of my life!!

  • I lived in New York City for many years as an actress. I loved the Big Apple!

  • After seeing a random flyer in a waiting room about a Russian shaman traveling to Connecticut to teach workshops, I began studying shamanism with him for many years in Connecticut. This was the beginning of me becoming a healer!
  • In 2008, I healed myself from a debilitating 15 year illness (all naturally) mostly through the power of my positivity, meditation, healthy food, supplements, and my immense desire to be well. (a miraculous healing in only ONE month!) I knew there was a lot in store for me instead of being sick!
  • In 2009, I became an entrepreneur, after I couldn't stop writing sketch comedy (all day long for months.) It was a sketch comedy business like Second City. It was the height of the recession and people were eager to laugh.
  • In 2010 I took a standup class in New York City and  started performing standup comedy to add versatility to my business. I performed standup in New York City, CT, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
  • In 2011, I moved to San Francisco (without the safety net of family, friends or a job in the area) after having an inspirational, prophetic dream about San Francisco. My dream was so happy I knew I would LOVE it! (I literally follow my dreams!!)
  • In 2014, I moved to Los Angeles to be an actress/comedienne in Hollywood. It was fun! Unexpected doors kept opening! I performed my own variety show at Second City, got a commercial agent and even started modeling!!
  • In 2016, after a vision in a yoga class, I decided to travel to South America to accomplish a lifelong dream. A month and a half later, I traveled to Peru for three weeks (on my own!), soaking up the culture, making new friends, and practicing my Spanish (which greatly improved!). The experience transformed me! As one of the few Americans, I was invited to dance in the Candelaria Festival, the biggest cultural festival in Peru.
  • In July 2016, I moved back home to Ridgefield, CT to be with my sick dog. I have a soft spot for animals!
  • In June 2017, I traveled to Brazil for the first time ever!  I stayed in rural Brazil for two weeks and met the world renowned medium, John of God. I meditated for up to 6 hours a day and made new friends from all over the world! This is how my channeling began!
  • In June 2018 I traveled to Portugal for the first time ever! I went to Spain and Portugal for over two weeks. I practiced my Portuguese and Spanish, danced, and had so much fun traveling and making new friends with the locals!!!

I LOVE to follow my heart and to live a life of freedom and joy!!!

My main purpose in this lifetime is to spread JOY, to empower women, and to encourage people to create a life beyond their wildest dreams. WE ARE THE CREATORS of our life, and we have limitless power and potential. In order to thrive, surrounding ourselves with community and support is vital, and I can be both a catalyst and part of the solution to this equation for you.

As a Reiki Practitioner, Modern Day Shaman, and Spiritual Teacher, I use the powerful healing energy of Reiki and Russian Shamanism, combined with my intuitive clairvoyant insight to help elevate you to a higher level of peace, contentment and alignment. You can achieve amazing improvements in your overall health and well-being, all while increasing your vitality, and gaining more clarity, confidence, and courage. Working alongside me as your cheerleader, health advocate, creative muse, and healer, you will finally discover your joyful and authentic self.   

I have been a Reiki/Practitioner/Spiritual Teacher for fifteen years. I healed myself naturally in one month. Miracles can happen for you too!

Let me inspire you, empower you, and teach you!

Let me be your advocate for JOY, helping guide you along the path to living a life beyond your wildest dreams!

It’s time to dream BIG!

It’s time for you to GROW!

It’s time for you to HEAL!

And it’s time for you to know you are WORTHY of your DREAMS!




“A Reiki session with Khristee is like getting an energetic massage while meditating.  There is no touch and yet your body is deeply soothed by her level of attention, care and her magical hands.  My body aches quite a bit and I get more relief from a Reiki session with Khristee than I did going to a physical therapist or getting a regular massage.”

Artist Success Coach & Consultant
San Francisco, CA


“Khristee is an amazing Reiki/Shaman healer. I had to work with a negative person going on at my job, and dreaded working at a place that I previously enjoyed. It impacted my whole life. Khristee offered to do a distance healing and gave me date and time. Literally seconds after the healing, the other person's attitude completely changed. The vibes in the air became lighter, and the work situation became fun and pleasant. If anyone is on the fence about working with Khristee, I say go for it. She's results oriented, positive, and amazing.”

Chicago, IL


Helen Klosson.jpg

“You did say this is the year of change! The seeds planted in our sessions are starting to spring up, and I feel comfortable now 'stepping out from behind the curtain'. This will be a true growth year and a significant part of it is having more Khristee time and learning from you, you really are a muse.”

Massage Therapist
Ridgefield, CT

Peggy Ottman.jpg

“Khristee is SO easy to be with! Very uplifting, very intuitive, and very empathetic. After our 6 weeks together I feel noticeably better…sleeping better, and just generally more energetic. Acting on some of the intuitive insights Khristee shared with me, I am now happily volunteering at a horse rescue sanctuary and just signed up for a writing course to take this winter. I can feel the ‘rightness’ of these endeavors deep in my heart, and just thinking about them brings a smile to my face! Absolutely recommend Khristee!”

Wilton, CT


Are you ready to HEAL YOUR PAST? We may not realize it but the parts of our past which are not healed will keep coming back to test us until they are healed. We can't cover up our pain and ignore it; we can't simply put on a happy face and be above it; in order to be happy and thriving, we must heal our past, uncover our shadows and bring them to the light. Are you ready to connect with your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT? Are you ready to EXCEL in life instead of struggling or just existing? Are you ready to see your life from a higher perspective? From the light? Whether you’re dealing with an illness, overcoming a trauma that is still haunting you, or you just want more clarity, peace, and guidance in your life, I will guide you to a new path of healing, self discovery, and most importantly, toward experiencing more JOY and blessings in your day-to-day life.

This package is different than most because I am a healer, not a coach. What does that mean? I connect to your spirit, to your body, to your mind, to the divine, to your emotions. I channel messages from your spirit, from my guides, arch angels, your ancestors. I am an empath, clairvoyant, psychic, and medium. I connect to the spiritual world through clairvoyant visions. I can see into your past, your childhood or even into past lives, I can see your emotions as metaphors, I can see your ancestors and guides and receive inspirational messages from them. I can even communicate with your organs and find out how they are feeling and what they need or want from you. As an empath, I feel what you feel physically as well as emotionally. As a psychic I can forsee your future if you take the recommended action steps. As an intuitive I can sense what is beneficial for you mind, body and spirit. I listen to learn your story and your history. I piece together the missing pieces and see your life from a higher, more objective stance. I can see how your pain and struggles and obstacles were part of the lessons and how they all contributed as part of the plan to help you, to test you, to help you grow (not hinder you).

Unlike coaching, I provide you gentle healing. I give you inspiration. I empower you with customized action steps based on what your soul needs at this time for optimal growth. I hold space for you to share your voice and emotions like in a typical coaching or therapy session, but we will go deeper quickly because I will be supporting you on an energetic level too. Plus the Reiki and shamanism blend will subtly work on healing you so that you do not have to relive every painful experience but instead set your intention for what you wish to achieve, feel, and attract into your life. The work we do will ripple out into everything you do from affecting your career, relationships, health, and more! You will become much happier and brighter!

Most importantly, I align with your soul to make this FUN! This program will create more JOY and FLOW in your life!!

This package is all about your JOY!

  • Are you ready to feel joyful? Are you ready to be aligned?
  • Are you ready to let go of your pain once and for all? 
  • Are you ready for clarity?
  • Are you ready to feel free?
  • Are you ready to feel supported?
  • What are you ready to finally be free from for good?

Struggling with chronic illness? That’s my specialty! After suffering from a debilitating chronic illness for fifteen years not only do I understand your pain, but I have experienced it too. Not only do I relate but I have personal experience trying a wide variety of herbs, supplements, and alternative health and wellness modalities so I can steer you in the right direction if you need alternative support. I have thoroughly researched different techniques, vitamins, herbs, and modalities and I have tried them to see how they work and which ones work best!

Feeling stuck creatively? No problem, my background is as an actress, model, comedienne, and writer, plus I worked for a contemporary art museum for many years so I have first hand experience in the arts and have lots of resources to help you and to unblock your creativity. I understand what it is like to be a creative professional and I understand what it feels like to feel stuck or for your career not to be flowing.

Feeling stagnant where you live or in the direction of your career? We can work on that too! I have lived in many different cities in the world from London, NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles and I love to travel! I have taken many leaps in my career! And I will support you so that you feel courageous and free-spirited too.

Don’t worry! I got you! I am here to support you!!!


Three months of transformational support to bring you into an ECSTATIC state of joy, release your pressing obstacles, access your genius and bring you into the flow.

  • Meet three times per month for three months (either virtually via Skype, phone or Zoom or in-person in Ridgefield, CT).
  • First session is a comprehensive two hour 15 minute session.
  • The next session is a one hour session to check-in and assimilate the action steps and discuss progress and ask questions. Customized techniques/meditations may be taught.
  • The third session can be used as another healing or talk session (your pick)
  • All sessions are customized to your greatest intentions.
  • Includes detailed notes from Khristee’s clairvoyant visions and messages from the spirit world including recommended action steps.
  • Includes recordings of your intuitive readings.
  • Includes specific research and resources from Khristee customized to you.
  • Includes channeling from your spirit in the form of detailed notes. This is HUGE!! In a regular Reiki/shamanism session I channel messages from my guides, your guides, and connect with your spirit. Most mediums channel their guides but through this intimate channeling, I channel your spirit and provide you with typed notes from your spirit directly to you!!!
  • AND… extra support if you like via Voxer with access to support Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 PM. It’s like having an psychic/intuitive/empath at your disposal any time during the work week! What a fabulous bonus! (Inquire if you are interested in this added feature for more intuitive guidance and support outside of your scheduled sessions, Monday through Friday.)


Stop making excuses of why you can’t have what you want!

You CAN achieve your heart’s desires!

You CAN live the life of your dreams!

You CAN be joyful and manifest your greatest desires!

Your life is just as important as anyone else’s! What you want wants you! Let’s make YOUR dreams come true today!

No more delaying your joy! No more putting off your life purpose! No more struggling through life on your own when your guide is only a click away!

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Connect with your heart! Connect with your spirit! Step out from behind the curtain and SHINE!!!