Hi! My name is Khristee Rich. I am free-spirited girl who loves to follow her joy and her passions. I am like a hummingbird dancing from flower to flower enjoying the sweet nectar of life. I am a curious, multi-passionate creative.  An ambitious, empathic woman full of joy and heart who has always desired to be make a big impact on the world.



Are We Similar?

Throughout my life people have always tried to force me into a mold and be who they wanted me to be. I was a people pleaser, to everyone except myself, so I tried to make everyone else happy. I was multi-passionate and no one could understand why I couldn't focus and pick just one profession. I was constantly discouraged from following my passions, until I started to second-guess my talents and simply wanted to emulate those who were already successful. This mistake of trying to fit in and be like others eventually made it clear through much struggle, trial and error how unique I am and that my passions are to be lived and not ignored. I am my passions. I am multi-passionate. I am joy.

  • Are you sensitive or empathic?

  • Are you a people-pleaser? Do you put everyone first and put yourself last?

  • Do people tell you that you are too sensitive?

  • Do people try to force you into a mold of who they want you to be?

  • Are you multi-passionate?

  • Is it hard for you to focus?

  • Do people misunderstand you?

  • Do people not get you or realize how hard you are trying?

  • Do friends or family discourage you from following your dreams?

  • Are you a spiritual person?

  • Are you looking for your community?

  • Is it hard to trust your intuition?

  • Are you a perfectionist?

  • Do you have ideas that you don't act on and regret later not following through?

  • Do you have great ideas but others seem to get the credit?

  • Are you starting to second-guess your passions and your talents because you haven’t accomplished them yet?

  • Are you so desperate to be successful that you are starting to think, “Maybe I should just copy those who are successful and be like them and get it right?”

  • Do you realize how unique and important you are?

  • Do you realize there is no one else in the world just like you?

  • Do you realize that there is no one else in the world with your talents, visions, and dreams?

  • Do you realize what a shame it would be if you didn’t follow your heart and realize your dreams?

  • Are you ready to stand out and stop hiding?

  • Are you ready to break out of your shell, trust your intuition and showcase your talents to the world?

All of my life, I was told that I was too sensitive and a dreamer but my sensitivity, compassion, and imagination are some of my strongest assets. I am glad I didn’t listen to the crowd and instead I chose to march to my own drum, to the drum of my beautiful heart.                                                   

My specialty is helping ambitious, empathic women who have a big pain point they have not been able to overcome such as chronic illness, chronic pain, confidence, perfectionism, even trauma. I help them to overcome their greatest pain so that their life can become their greatest joy.

I help you to become joyful and empowered.

Would you like to become a dancing hummingbird too?  Are you ready to feel free? Are you ready to be in the joyful flow? Are you ready to decide to live an extraordinary life?

Work With Me

I started my business from a place of joy and my business has evolved to places I could never have dreamed of. With my background as an actress, writer, standup comedienne, Reiki Practitioner, big world traveler, and entrepreneur, I have grown in unimaginable ways. Not only have I overcome my shyness, but I no longer play small.

Don't Let Your Fear of Being Perfect
Cause You to Live a Life of Regret!

What Cost Are Your Fears?

  • You burn out from working so hard.

  • You get sick. Really sick. Chronically ill.

  • You fall into depression.

  • You live your life in fear, overwhelm, and regret.

  • You lose money. You lose time.

  • You never live up to your potential.

  • You give up and waste your talents. God-given talents!

  • You give up your business. You give up on your dreams.

  • You live someone else's life, not your own.

  • You don’t attract your audience or your potential clients. Your target audience struggles to find someone whom they can trust who can help them. Someone who is compassionate, sensitive, and kind.

  • You struggle; you stress; your life becomes a chore.

  • Your niche audience struggles; they stress; they suffer. Their life becomes a chore too!

  • Your family and friends wish they could do something to inspire you to find your joy again. You wish you had some inspiration and divine guidance. Your target audience wishes they had some inspiration to guide them. Everyone wishes you were your joyful self! The worlds needs you to be your joyful self!

This isn't supposed to happen to you. Life is supposed to be joy!

Don’t worry; I won’t let that happen to you. I won’t let you fall!

We all need cheerleaders! We all need guides! We all need guidance and encouragement. Let me help you!

If you're ready to make an appointment with me and take the next big step in reaching your goals and living a life of your dreams, use the scheduler below. Otherwise, read on to learn more!



“I had the great fortune of receiving weekly Reiki sessions from the marvelous Khristee. Every session was magical and powerful. I highly recommend Khristee to everyone!!!!!"

Yoga Instructor
San Francisco, CA


“Khristee Rich is a genuinely talented healer and an invaluable spiritual ally. I’d recommend Ms Rich to anybody looking for an approach and a guide to help in identifying and removing obstacles, while reconnecting to one’s higher potential.”

Yoga Teacher & Founder
Basil Yoga Center
Ridgefield CT

Kim Trotto photo.jpg

“A light-filled shout-out to Khristee Rich! Her insight is keen and her manner is warm, friendly and healing. Definitely recommend her to anyone working on confidence.”

Founder and Designer
Soul Blissed Circle
Florida, USA


If you are struggling, no matter what your issue, I am confident that Khristee can help you on your path to healing. She is a true miracle worker and I’m still in awe of the service she provides.”

Stamford, CT



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Khristee Rich is a healer with over 15 years experience in energy work, developing her own special Reiki/shamanism blend. She has created her own healing system, The Hummingbird Healing Method and her own unique three month healing package, The Hummingbird Healing Package for Limitless Well-Being, Potential, Joy & Abundance. The Hummingbird Healing Package is a unique system of philosophy and holistic healing created by Khristee Rich, founder of The Dancing Curtain. This one-of-a-kind package will help you to break past the limitations of chronic illness, pain, and creative blocks. 

Uncover the ROOT of what is hurting you, RELEASE what does not serve you, and ignite a REBIRTH to the life you want. 

Khristee has over 15 years experience researching alternative health and wellness and may include natural healing remedies to help you. She is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, psychic, medium, and an empath too. Khristee’s intuitive reading includes her insights, visions, messages from the divine and recommended action steps to stay in the joyful flow long after your session. Every session is customized to your needs and includes a recording and detailed notes. Her sessions will leave you feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and inspired.





Khristee’s 90 Minute Joyful Healing Sessions - Included in the Hummingbird Healing Package

Ready for more joy, creativity, flow, and ease in your life?

Customized for you.

Available via Skype, phone, and in-person in Ridgefield, CT.

(Intuitive readings are recorded. Detailed notes are sent after your session.

All sessions are confidential.)


Khristee is holistic healer.

Clients call her a "miracle worker and say that their "prayers have been answered" to find her.
Schedule your discovery call today!

These sessions are great for those who wish for emotional support. Do you have heart break, grief, frustration, stress, etc?

These sessions are also great for those who desire to break-through their creative blocks and have more balance and energy.

We will begin the session by checking in and setting the intention. The client relaxes fully dressed on a massage table or chair receiving the Reiki energy. There is no touch. At the end, Khristee shares brief insights, inspiration, and messages from the divine.

Are you ready to feel great?

Boost your joy, confidence, and creativity. 

Flow into life! 

*For chronic health conditions, please sign up for Khristee’s new three month healing package, The Limitless Potential Package.

Still have questions? Schedule your free twenty minute Discovery Call today! 




Khristee’s Signature
Transformational Healing Sessions - Included in The Hummingbird Healing Package

Ready for a deeper transformation? Ready to overcome a chronic illness? Ready to get back into your creative career and make an impact?
Transformational sessions are two hours and 15 minutes.

Available via Skype, phone, and in-person in Ridgefield, CT at Khristee’s home sanctuary and at Medicinal Skin.

(Intuitive readings are recorded. Detailed notes are sent after your session.

All sessions are confidential.)


Khristee helps women who Western Medicine has failed.

Are you ready to discover the root cause of your illness?
Are you ready to fast-track your health and happiness?

Includes Healing, Intuitive Guidance plus Action Steps to guide you.

Stop whatever is hindering you from being a success! It's time for you to shine! Sessions may address address health issues such as chronic pain, chronic illness, or emotional/spiritual issues such as relationships, addictions, depression, grief, and all heavy emotions, even career obstacles – Anything that is hindering progress in your life will be addressed so that you can get back to the joyful flow.

These in-depth sessions create a powerful transformation. Easily get over your fears, self-limiting beliefs, even health conditions, and live the life you have been dreaming of!

Boost Your Confidence and Release Your Fears, so that you can:

  • Stand out in your industry

  • Attract your ideal clients

  • Live your life purpose

  • Have more joy and ease in your life

Still have questions? Schedule your free twenty minute Discovery Call today! 



Personal customized attention to discover your blocks and see your problems through a supportive spiritual lens. Be supported. Develop skills to help you through your life and have more joy, easy, and flow.

Still have questions? Schedule your free twenty minute Discovery Call today!



But Why Can’t I Sign Up For A Single Healing Session?
Why Do I Need to Sign Up for a 5 Week or 3 Month Program?

  • Single sessions are powerful, but transformation doesn’t happen in a day. You want lasting change.

  • Habits were not created in a day.

  • Habits do not change in a day.

  • Transformation takes time.

  • It needs space.

  • It needs consistent support, tools, and practice.

  • It needs commitment.

  • It needs encouragement.

  • You need a vision.

  • You need faith.

  • You need a cheerleader.

  • You need a strategy.

Together we will transform. You will grow, gain insight, learn new skills, and naturally become more confident, joyful, and visible. Together we will soar!



What Do I Do For You That is Unique From Other Coaches?

  • I specialize in helping ambitious women who are creative professionals to break free from their shells of perfectionism and connect to their authentic, truthful, creative selves.

  • I create a sacred space where you feel supported.

  • I encourage you to live your life purpose and to pursue your talents and passions.

  • I inspire you to see the positive despite your hardships and challenges.

  • I guide you with my intuition and clairvoyance.

  • I heal your mind, body, and spirit. The inner work is so important!

  • I nudge you to step outside of your comfort zone.

  • I teach you practical easy tips to boost your confidence and to stand out in your industry.

  • I bring out your creativity and joy.

  • I remind you how important it is to not only have a thriving business but to have a joyful life.

  • I bring out the best in YOU.

Isn't it time you received the recognition, applause, and visibility to succeed?



Are you ready to STAND OUT in your industry?
Are You Ready to Step Out from Behind The Curtain and SHINE?

Move from a place of feeling stifled, scared, and small to a place of total confidence, visibility, and applause!

Sign up for a transformation! Because it is more important than ever to put the spotlight on YOU! You and me we are so similar! I see so much of myself in you!

I see the spark in you. It’s time for you to SHINE!

Would you like to chat on the phone and see if I am the right person for you?

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