Khristee Rich is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Creative Muse for Ambitious Creatives, Thought Leaders, Visionaries and Empaths. She helps creatives to boost their confidence, to showcase their talents, to release their fears and perfectionism, and stop playing small so that they can live a life beyond their wildest dreams. She is like a hummingbird dancing from passion to passion, joy to joy. She encourages you to pursue your multi-passions and be true to yourself. Feel free to call her The Dancing Queen.

Stop being your own best kept secret! Stop playing small! It's time to pull back the curtain, shine light on what lights you up, and shine!


Are You Attracting Your Tribe? Did you know it could be your VIBE?

Did you know that your energy is the most important element to attracting your clients? Are you showing up confidently and high-vibe inside and outside of the office? Are you enjoying your business and your personal life?

Are you a client magnet? It starts with joy!

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