Here are some wonderful things Khristee's clients have said about working with her:


“You did say this is the year of change! The seeds planted in our sessions are starting to spring up, and I feel comfortable now 'stepping out from behind the curtain'. This will be a true growth year and a significant part of it is having more Khristee time and learning from you, you really are a muse.”

Massage Therapist
Ridgefield, CT



“A Reiki session with Khristee is like getting an energetic massage while meditating.  There is no touch and yet your body is deeply soothed by her level of attention, care and her magical hands.  My body aches quite a bit and I get more relief from a Reiki session with Khristee than I did going to a physical therapist or getting a regular massage.”

Artist Success Coach & Consultant
San Francisco, CA



“Khristee is an amazing Reiki/Shaman healer. I had to work with a negative person going on at my job, and dreaded working at a place that I previously enjoyed. It felt like the other person's vibes were so low, that I was being spiritually attacked. Not to be too cliche, but the tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. It impacted my whole life.

Khristee offered to do a distance healing and gave me date and time. Literally seconds after the healing, the other person's attitude completely changed. The vibes in the air became lighter, and the work situation became fun and pleasant. If anyone is on the fence about working with Khristee, I say go for it. She's results oriented, positive, and amazing.”

Chicago, IL


Peggy and horse.jpg

“Khristee is SO easy to be with! Very uplifting, very intuitive, and very empathetic. After our 6 weeks together I feel noticeably better…sleeping better, and just generally more energetic. Acting on some of the intuitive insights Khristee shared with me, I am now happily volunteering at a horse rescue sanctuary and just signed up for a writing course to take this winter. I can feel the ‘rightness’ of these endeavors deep in my heart, and just thinking about them brings a smile to my face! Absolutely recommend Khristee!”

Wilton, CT



“Khristee Rich is a genuinely talented healer and an invaluable spiritual ally to me.

I have received Khristee’s coaching and Reiki healing sessions together when I was feeling particularly blocked while going through a lot of personal and professional transitions.

Her support was invaluable to me, giving me a fresh perspective that clarified my higher goals. The energy work left me feeling lighter, relaxed, and open to receive again from my life instead of feeling compressed and vulnerable, which was a pattern that was developing before I found Khristee’s healing services.

I’d recommend Ms Rich to anybody looking for an approach and a guide to help in identifying and removing obstacles, while reconnecting to one’s higher potential.”

Yoga Teacher and Founder
Basil Yoga Center
Ridgefield, CT



This month I had the great fortune of receiving weekly Reiki sessions from the marvelous Khristee. Every week I had a deeply healing and powerful session and got exactly what I needed to ground, process, and heal. 

Every session was magical and powerful. I could feel the energy shifting on many levels. But on a more practical level, the Reiki really helped to clear some of my chronic sinus pain and congestion.

The day of our first session I was feeling super agitated by all the energy shifts going on right now both individually and globally. My nervous system couldn't handle it. A fire truck siren passed me on the street and I seriously almost passed out. My system was on the verge of shutdown. Thank goodness I went in for a Reiki session with Khristee! She is amazing and the session was very powerful. I felt much clearer and stronger afterwards. 

Khristee always took the time to sit with me before and after to discuss my concerns going in and to debrief on the experience going out. Khristee always had some inspiring visions to share afterwards, and insightful helpful advice. When I told her I was interested in Crystals and in learning more about the history of Reiki she remembered and sent me a very helpful info email. Khristee also always follows up. She checks in just to see how you are doing a few days after your session, so you always feel supported. 

During my fourth Reiki session with Khristee I had a very inspiring and meaningful experience. Spirit bird medicine came to me in the form of a mourning dove. She was trying relentlessly to come through the kitchen window during the Reiki hour. We both heard it and thought someone was actually in the kitchen! Afterwards, I was laying in rest, and I heard her mournful call. I recognized that I had heard it earlier that week and found it so powerful that I had even downloaded a mourning dove sound track off iTunes. I asked Khristee do you hear that bird? Is it real? She said yes! In fact, it's sitting at the window now! So I walked over to her. Amazing she didn't fly away. We looked into each other's eyes for a long while. The bird who I'd heard earlier this week and had sought out by downloading her voice was here in real life!

Khristee is love, magic, and healing embodied in one wonderful person. I highly recommend Khristee to everyone!!!!!

Yoga Instructor
Berkeley, CA



“A light-filled shout-out to Khristee Rich! I just had an amazing session with her. Her insight is keen and her manner is warm, friendly and healing. Her effort was great and appreciated! Definitely recommend her to anyone working on confidence.”

Founder and Designer
Soul Blissed Circle
Florida, USA.



"Khristee is amazing. I had a 2-hour Reiki/intuitive session. I felt wonderful after the Reiki - easy, open, calm - but the intuitive part is what really felt to so rich (pun intended). She was overflowing with images, insights, intuitions. And she has called me twice to add more as she remembers more! I am loving digging into what she felt, feel so empowered. Highly recommend!"

Hope Sings
Pound Ridge, NY


Dr. Loree Kim.jpg

"I felt compelled to write a review for Khristee Rich because I see the value she provides to her clients and her admirers. I joined her FB group because I like to surround myself with joyous spirited leaders. I first noticed Khristee in another group where she prompted us to check whether we approach each day with joy. Since then, I approach my day with a more joyful ABUNDANT energy, remembering Khristee's messages. You can LEARN to add more joyful mindfulness to your existence by watching her video tutorials and her interviews with other inspirational ladies in her community. Thank you, Khristee!"

LOREE J. KIM, Ph.D. Esq.
Flex IP Counsel, PLLC
Seattle, WA



"Khristee is so authentically gifted and kind. I love working with her. She really puts her heart into her work and you can feel this."

Spiritual Life Coach
Eagle Rock, CA



“I have been living with chronic pain for years: neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, jaw pain and daily headaches. It is never the same pain everyday, but it is always debilitating. I go to sleep hoping it will be better in the morning but more often than not I wake up with muscle pain and a headache, feeling awful. I had gotten to a point where I had basically accepted that the pain had become a part of my life and that it was something I would just have to learn to live with.It wasn’t until I met Khristee that I truly realized that might not be the case.

I’ve used chiropractics for most of my life and while they were helpful, I never noticed any long term results. I had had positive experiences with Reiki before so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Khristee and I was definitely guided to her during a time of need.

It was clear during my first session that big things were happening and I could feel the energy shifting. I noticed increased pain in isolated problem areas at different times throughout the session. My pain increased tremendously in the week following, a clear sign that the energy was shifting and preparing to release and I am now able to move in ways that haven’t been possible for years. Khristee also continued to check in with me to make sure I was taking care of myself and allowing my body the rest it needed to heal.

For me, the most incredible part of Khristee’s process was when she shared her insights and visions. Not only did she help me with my pain, but she told me what she saw during my session and what that might mean for me and my healing process. I have much more clarity now on the steps I can take to help heal myself. She has helped me to see that the pain I am experiencing is a direct result of a car accident I was in at the age of 19 and I have been living with the mentality of having accepted that I am a victim instead of a benefactor. She helped me realize that it did not happen to me, it happened for me so that I can grow and that this incident has been affecting me even more than I thought.

If you are struggling, no matter what your issue, I am confident that Khristee can help you on your path to healing. She is a true miracle worker and I’m still in awe of the service she provides.”

Stamford, CT



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