Freedom To Follow Your Joy & Access Your Genius

Are you ready to be EMPOWERED like never before? It's time to follow your joy and access your creative genius!

Khristee Rich is a Transformational Speaker, Writer, Spiritual Teacher, Actress, and Creative Muse. She is available for inspirational, educational public talks, interactive, fun workshops, and thought-provoking performances of her one person plays. Her mission is to empower men and women to follow their joy, honor their spirituality, and access their creative genius.

Khristee is a whimsical breath of fresh air.



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Khristee LOVES to discuss alternative health and wellness and show how easily we can transform our dis-ease into wellness. She is available for public talks, panel discussions, podcasts, video interviews and more!

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Interested In Being Entertained and Transformed?

Khristee was a BFA Theatre Performance Major from the University of Michigan. She specialized in being a comedic character actress. Today she produces dynamic, one woman shows about authenticity, courage, and self-love.

Book Khristee to perform her Jung-inspired play, "The Ostrich Woman" about a woman who is stuck in a domestic bathroom in Connecticut, a thought-provoking absurdist play or if you prefer something more light-hearted and based on real life, book Khristee in her new show, "Afro-Fabulous" about Khristee's life growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut trying to get her hair to fit in.

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