Fun Summer Drinks for Labor Day Weekend and While the Beautiful Weather Is Still Here

Fun Summer Drinks for Labor Day Weekend and While the Beautiful Weather Is Still Here


Hi Healthy People!

I hope you have been enjoying your summer. I love summertime! It is such a fantastic time.  I love sitting on my back deck looking at the blue skies and the trees or lying in a hammock reading a book or daydreaming.

I am still relishing this time of year trying to concentrate on taking it slow and spending as much time connecting with nature and sunshine as possible, but I know most people are gearing up with their busyness as school starts or preparing for the long weekend with a fun get-together with friends and family.  Labor Day Weekend is just a week away. YAY!

How will you spend Labor Day Weekend? Would you like some tips on fun summer drinks for your end of the summer barbecues?

Personally, I love lemonade. It’s the perfect summer drink. Would you like to try an alternative to regular lemonade? Have you ever thought about making a healthy lemonade adding fruits and vegetables?

Would you like my recipe?

Green Lemonade Smoothie


One ripe banana
1 /2 to one cup of frozen mangos
One handful of fresh spinach
Natural lemonade to your sweetness (perhaps a cup)
Add water for more smoothie and to tame down the sugars
Blend until smooth!
Sit on your deck and enjoy the summer! This drink is summer to me!

**NOTE: I do not purchase lemonade with high fructose corn syrup. You can make your own lemonade and sweeten it to your taste or purchase lemonade made with natural sugar such as Simply Lemonade. It is always best to avoid high fructose corn syrup.

Peach Mango Limeade Smoothie


One ripe peach
One cup frozen mangos
A generous handful of fresh spinach
Limeade to taste
Water to make it less sweet or to add more volume
Blend until smooth.

Serve in glasses.


*NOTE: Try Simply Limeade for your limeade.

Green Lemonade Protein Packed Smoothie


1/2 to one full banana
1/2 cup of frozen mangos
Big handful of fresh spinach (be generous)
1/2 cup frozen shelled edamame (find them in the freezer section of your grocery store)
1 cup lemonade (or to the sweetness of your taste)
More water, as much as you desire to get your consistency.
Blend until smooth!

Serve in a glass. Everything always tastes better in a glass instead of plastic.

I have been trying to add more protein to my smoothies without adding protein powder. A half cup of shelled edamame has 10 grams of protein. Spinach has protein in large amounts (at least a cup) so the combo of edamame and spinach is a great natural way to get your protein in your smoothies. I am not a fan of protein powders which are highly processed and personally taste terrible. Edamame makes it so easy to get your protein and it doesn't leave any aftertaste. The lemonade completely hides it.

This drink tastes great and is refreshing.

Normally I make all of these drinks for myself in the mornings; these recipes create  several glasses of delicious smoothie. If you are having a group over, double the recipe and serve immediately. These drinks are best fresh. Do not refrigerate.

Keep in mind that since you are not chewing the fruits and vegetables in your smoothies that your saliva will not get a chance to help break down the food as it normally does when we are chewing. So instead of trying to gulp down your delicious smoothie, take your time, and gentle swish it in your mouth to help activate your saliva. This will improve your digestion and make sure you are not swallowing air.


Do you love refreshing drinks but prefer to cut down on your sugar? Are you worried that there is too much sugar in smoothies? Do you wonder if it is good for you to consume so much fruit in your diet?

Read this article by Health Ambition to learn more if eating more fruit is good for you: CLICK HERE.

Yes, it is true smoothies with fruit contain sugars. I believe in everything in moderation. I do not recommend drinking smoothies all day or as a replacement for a regular meal but it is a quick way for a lot of us to receive more fruits and vegetables and to get a powerful punch of vitamins and nutrients.

Need a refreshing drink without any of the sugars? Crave something different than plain water or water with lemon wedge?

Try liquid chlorophyll. We all know how important it is for us to get our greens. We need the chlorophyll. Try it in your drink!

Mint Thirst Quencher


Take a cool glass of water and add one tablespoon of Liquid Chlorophyll to your glass and stir.

It’s that easy!

Need a garnish? Add fresh mint to make your glass pretty.

NOTE: I recommend mint flavor Liquid Chlorophyll from World Organics. It’s made with alfalfa and fresh mint. That’s it! So simple! And so refreshing!

Having a group of friends over? Grab a pitcher and add the liquid chlorophyll. Adjust the amount of chlorophyll depending on your size pitcher.

Enjoy this healthy green alternative. It is detoxifying, alkalizing, and refreshing. Plus it’s a cool green color that will have your friends asking, “What are you drinking?”

*NOTE: Liquid chlorophyll does not contain food coloring but it is concentrated so it can easily stain so be very careful when pouring it. If you get it on your clothing rinse it out immediately.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Stay cool! Stay hydrated!

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