What To Do If You Don’t Feel Abundant

What To Do If You Don’t Feel Abundant

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is coming! In the U.S. Thanksgiving is a day of abundance and thanksgiving. A day to give thanks for all of our blessings.

When I was a child, my family traveled down to D.C. to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents. My grandmother was a gourmet cook; she prepared the most elaborate meal that would take days of preparation. Being a perfectionist, she would do everything on her own by hand with no help from anyone except my grandfather who would pick up the groceries. Everything was done from scratch, no cakes out of boxes, no store-bought pies…

My grandmother was famous for her delicious corn pudding and pound cake.  The pound cake would include about a pound of butter, a dozen eggs, loads of sugar, and flour that had to be sifted as least three or more times. It was the richest most flavorful cake you ever tasted and it required special attention. No one was allowed to walk in the kitchen while the cake was cooking in the oven. (Even my grandmother waited in another room for the timer to go off.) The risk was the batter could potentially fall from the vibration of footsteps and all of the hard work would have been wasted.

We had a huge feast with turkey as well as a roast that my grandfather would carefully carve, stack on a huge platter, and then pass around the table. He saved the most tender pieces for me. Sometimes we would find a wishbone intact in the bird and it would be taken out so that my brother and I could pull it and whoever got the biggest half made a huge Thanksgiving wish.

It was a day of true abundance with an overwhelming amount of food from buttered rolls, squash, turkey, a roast, rice, corn pudding, greens, sweet potato pudding, homemade pies and pound cake for dessert. We sat together in the dining room holding hands as my grandfather lead us in grace. It was a time when we could all join together as a family, laugh, and catch up since we lived so far away.

Sometimes my aunt and cousin would join us too, but at a bare minimum it was my parents, grandparents, my brother and I. We sat at the table for hours catching up and listening to stories, and there was always more to eat and room for seconds. After the meal, my brother and I would go into the basement and play games or watch TV. On one rare occasion, we packed up and traveled to Virginia to visit my mother’s side of the family and ate Thanksgiving dinner with my cousins, aunts and uncles, and my grandmother too.

Yes, two Thanksgivings on ONE DAY! Talk about abundance!!

The truth was my parents didn’t have the heart to tell their parents that they would be choosing to spend Thanksgiving with the other side of the family, especially when my brother and I were still kids. As a result, we got a chance to see all of our loved ones on the same day, eat two feasts, and give thanks. Those were picture perfect memories!

Thanksgiving this year will be small. It will just be my parents and I. Oh, and Shadow too! (my fifteen year old dog!) My best buddy, Thunder, Shadow’s brother, passed away right before Thanksgiving last year, so this Thanksgiving doesn’t feel like the rest. It doesn’t feel like a huge holiday.

What do you do if you feel like you are lacking?
What do you do if you don’t feel the abundance?
Act as if.

Many of us may be grieving this holiday or missing loved ones who live far away. Many of us may be struggling financially or maybe fearful of the world and may not be feeling abundant.

What to do?

Practice Gratitude
Act As If

The law of attraction says that whatever we focus on we encourage more of in our lives. If we focus on lack, we attract more. If we focus on abundance, we attract more.

The secret is to have gratitude for what we do have and act as if our desires are in the process of coming true.

Leading up to Thanksgiving I started a gratitude list. Each morning with my meditations I have been giving thanks for what I have and give thanks for my desires as if they are already a reality.

Here is a short sample of my list (not the full list of course):

Thank you for my beautiful home.
Thank you for my joy.
Thank you for my creativity.
Thank you for my love.
Thank you for my world-wide travels.
Thank you for my health.
Thank you for my walks.
Thank you for my adventurous friends.
Thank you for my support.
Thank you for my desires.
Thank you for my enthusiasm and passions.
Thank you for my optimistic spirit.

Give thanks every day! We don’t have to wait for one special day a year.

A Thanksgiving Tip:

If you wish for more abundance, grace, and confidence, be grateful.

Each morning be grateful for what you have and for your desires as if they are already coming true.


I am so grateful for Thanksgiving with my family and for seeing my friends this weekend for some fun times. A road trip, creative reading, and a party! It is sure to be a fabulous long weekend! I can’t wait!!

Wishing each and everyone one of you a very happy, abundant, graceful Thanksgiving holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much joy and gratitude,