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No One Believed I Was Sick

For fifteen years, I battled with my illness. Every day was a struggle. Every minute was a struggle. I knew deep in my soul that something was seriously wrong with me. All of my life prior to my illness, I had been very healthy. I knew my body, but my doctors could not find anything wrong with me so they quickly labeled me as depressed and then after my persistence to try to find the root of my illness they labeled me a hypochondriac. I tried doctor after doctor and asked for test after test but no one believed me.

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How I Healed Myself from My Chronic Illness

After 15 years struggling with a debilitating chronic illness, I was determined to be well. In 2010 I walked into a new doctor’s office at Danbury Hospital on the second floor. I sat in a muted chair in the waiting room of my infectious disease specialist’s office. I leafed through my pages of typed notes of my health history, hoping and praying that this new doctor would believe that I was ill and order further testing.

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