The 40 Day Empowerment Challenge Has Begun!


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On September 11, I saw a great need for people to feel uplifted and launched a 40 Day Free Empowerment Challenge. Why is it for 40 days? Did you know that in Kundalini Yoga it is the belief that it takes 40 days to release a habit and to create a new one? In my Challenge I created an easy system for you to follow. Practice it daily and you will feel great and see great changes in your life in as little time as 40 Days!!! Plus you will develop your own daily self-care practice!

For the details of the challenge, join my private Facebook Group, Empowered Joyful Empaths. Join us today and do the 40 Day Free Empowerment Challenge!

Have you been yearning for some Me time? Do you desire great change? How about a supportive high-vibe community? This Challenge is for you!

Did you know there are so many different styles of meditation? As part of the Challenge, I expose you to many different styles of meditations so that you can pick the style you like best. In the Challenge I teach creative visualizations, mantras, yoga, deep breathing etc.

Here are meditations from Week One of the Challenge:

Peace Begins With Me

My spiritual mentor, Gabby Bernstein, taught me this simple meditation. It is so simple you can do it with your kids and you can do it in as little time as a minute!

Inhale and exhale deeply several times. Take your right hand. Gentle touch the fingertips one at a time slowly. Now take the statement: Peace begins with me. As you say the sentence touch your fingertips gently and slowly. For peace touch your index finger and thumb together, for begins touch your middle finger and thumb, for with touch your ring finger and thumb, for me touch your pinky and thumb. Say the sentence slowly touching your fingers for each word. The object is to say the sentence simply and then go slower and slower, softer and softer, until you are almost inaudible. Then think the sentence in your head as you continue to touch your fingers for each word. Close your eyes and continue. With your eyes closed, focus on the third eye center. At the end you will feel very calm. Do this for 3 minutes. If you are teaching this to a young child do this for a minute at a time and try to do it two to three times per day. As a variation you can use both hands, instead of one hand or change the sentence to another short affirmation.

Grounding Meditation/Creative Visualization
Sit up straight in a chair. Put your feet firmly on the ground. Do not cross your legs or your arms. Kick off your shoes and feel your feet on the ground. Inhale and exhale deeply several times. Imagine your root chakra at the base of your spine glowing a bright white light. Imagine this light extending down through your chair, through the floor down deep into the earth. Once you imagine the light traveling to the center of the earth, anchor the energy there with roots or imagine the light clicking in like a seat belt or an anchor. Once you are connected to the center of the earth imagine the light shooting back up to your root chakra. Then imagine either light or roots connecting your feet to the ground. Imagine white light or roots extending down from the soles of your feet to the center of the earth. Connect to the center of the earth, click into the energy, get rooted there, then imagine bright white light traveling quickly back up to your feet. Then imagine the bright white light filling up your body with light. Imagine your whole body filling up with light from your feet to the top of your head. Once your whole body is full of light imagine the energy filling up your aura and you are glowing. Allow yourself to glow. Allow the room to fill up with your energy. Inhale and exhale to close. Gently open up your eyes.

An Uplifting Creative Visualization To Connect to Your Heart and The Divine

This time instead of imagining bright white light filling up your body from your feet, imagine bright white light filling up your body from the top of your head, your crown chakra. Always begin by sitting up straight in your chair. Inhale and exhale. Then imagine bright white light pouring down from the ceiling and filling up your crown chakra. The light will fill up your body from your feet to the top of your head. Once your body is full of bright white light let the energy extend outward filling up your aura with bright white light. Allow the light to fill up the room, the building, expand outside of your building up to the trees. Then imagine a violet luminous cord extending from your crown chakra through the ceiling, through the building, up into the sky, up into outer space, up past all of the planets we know, out past the Milky Way and keep extending it until you reach the divine. Feel the light all around you. Feel the light and the love and the peace from the divine. Your ancestors and loved ones welcome you. They come and give you love. They give you hugs and let you know how much they love you. They are rooting for you. They are your cheerleaders. They are guiding you from above. They are here whenever you need them; you can call on them. Feel their love. Feel the peace. Travel back down to where you are now. You are still connected to the light, now you are connected to all of the Universe and the divine. Put your hands on your heart center. Send love to your heart. Imagine your heart chakra glowing a bright green light. Allow the light to heal and physical pain, emotional pain, past hurts or wounds. Send love to yourself. Heal your heart. Allow your hands to return back to your sides. Inhale and exhale deeply. Gently open up your eyes.

Heal Yourself and Others - Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

This is a very powerful meditation. This is a Kundalini yoga meditation but it has tremendous healing powers. It has the ability to heal yourself or you can direct it to heal others such as loved ones. This is a meditation with a mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. The mantra means sun, moon, earth, spirit, we are all one; we are all connected. This meditation reminds us that when we heal ourselves we are healing others or when we heal others we are also healing ourselves. We are all one. Do this meditation visualizing yourself or your loved one happy, healthy and peace. Chant the mantra and sit either cross legged on the floor or upright in a chair. It is important that you sit up straight and that you hold the hand position/mudra correctly.

For instructions on this Kundalini yoga meditation, visit here.
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This meditation will make you feel very peaceful and will create great healing for others.

Are you ready for great change in as little time as 40 days? The Challenge continues thru October 20!!

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