Beeeee Kind To Yourself - Self-Care for Your Sinuses


Beeeee Kind To Yourself - Self-Care for Your Sinuses

Hi Everyone!

It's going to be another hot day here in Connecticut. In the 90's with high humidity and a heat advisory advising people to stay inside in the air conditioning. I can remember a few weeks ago when I went to Red Bee, a bee apiary in Weston, Connecticut. It was such a beautiful day and we got a chance to learn about bees.


Did you know that a bee hive is run mostly by a colony of female bees? Male bees, the drones, only make up 10% of the hive. Their purpose is strictly for mating with the queen, not to work in the hive. (They mate and then they die! A short life.) A community of female busy bees working efficiently together for their queen, their leader. That's my kind of community!! Empowered by females! Go female empowerment!

Did you know that honey is a natural anti-bacterial? Yes, you can use it both as a preventative and as medicine when you get sick. But not all honey is equal. Honey that you buy at the grocery store is heavily processed and the processing takes out much of the health benefits. Sure, honey can always soothe a sore throat but if you want to reap the amazing health benefits it's best to get it from your local beekeeper.

MYTH: There is a myth that honey never spoils because it is an anti-bacterial.

FACT: Honey is best when it is fresh. It loses potency over time, just like other herbs, vitamins, and medication. If you have a bacterial infection, reach for some fresh local honey, instead of honey that's a few years old from your cupboard.

Marina Marchese, the owner of Red Bee, gave us an excellent health tip. If you suffer from allergies or nasal congestion you probably are familiar with Neti pots. Neti pots typically small ceramic pots that are used to flush out your sinuses. They flush out mucus, unblock sinuses, and create much sinus relief. They originated in India and have gained popularity in the U.S. Marina recommends using a Neti Pot like you normally do, but adding one special ingredient, a little honey.


Purchase a Neti pot from your local health food store. Overnight set aside a bottle of purified water. (It is important that the water be room temperature.) In the morning, but half a teaspoon of sea salt into the pot and fill the pot with the lukewarm water. The salt will dissolve. It is very important that you do not use tap water or refrigerated water. Tap water may contain fluoride, lead, chlorine, and many other harmful chemicals. Cold water is too much of a shock to the system. Add a little local honey and stir. Then use the Neti pot as directed to flush out your sinuses.

This idea is genius! Not only do you receive the health benefits of using a Neti pot with salt reducing inflammation, clearing sinuses, reducing allergies, flushing away toxins and pollen, and a natural anti-histamine but you receive preventative care soothing the nasal passages, boosting your immune system, and anti-bacterial protection when you are sick with a sinus infection or a tough cold.

Brilliant idea!

Allergy season is right around the corner. Be kind to yourself and include this easy tip to your daily self-care routine.


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