Are You A High-Vibe Attractor?

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Many of us know about the law of attraction; it is a common theme that is talked about in spiritual circles. But many of us become disillusioned after they watch The Secret and "it doesn't work."

Why don't the principles work for some people?

The concepts are easy. 1) Ask 2) Believe and 3) Receive.

1) Clearly state your intention. What is it want to manifest?

2) Believe with all of your heart that you will achieve it. Visualize it. Feel it. Trust.

3) Receive it when it comes, flows to you.

So if it's that easy, why doesn't it work for everyone? Why are some people still struggling to achieve their dreams?

Well, for several reasons. One, they may be obsessing about the outcome, always asking why it hasn't happened yet, when is it ever going to happen or trying too hard, doing everything night and day to MAKE it happen. But nothing needs to be forced, that restricts energy.

They are forgetting one of the laws in the law of attraction: the law of detachment.

Once we follow the steps, we must practice the law of detachment and just let it go. Forget about it. Trust that the Universe has our back and will supply the how and the when. And keep your energy high and joyful so that you can continue to attract high-vibe energy and opportunities.

It's not easy to let go and trust, is it? It seems passive. It seems like we are giving up. We are taught in society to be productive, to take action and do, do, do, but doing a lot doesn't always produce results. It just keeps us busy, exhausted, and yes, sometimes stressed.

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It’s time for you to be a high-vibe attractor! It’s time for you to SHINE!!!

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Happy Manifesting!

Much joy,

Khristee Rich

Healer and Spiritual Teacher