Journaling To Improve Your Mindset


Hi Empaths!

Are you enjoying my Empowerment Challenge? In the first three weeks I taught meditations and creative visualizations to the group. Last week I taught some journaling.

Journaling is a great practice to clear our mind and improve our mindset. In my Group, I suggested three styles of journaling: 1) picking a topic and writing about it (I offered many journal prompts in the group), 2) Julia Cameron's Morning Pages, and 3) audio journals.

What are Morning Pages?

In Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way, she suggested many ways for artists to free their imaginations and creativity. One of the ways was through Morning Pages. Each morning, first thing in the morning, grab a journal and pen, and write. Write before you grab your cup of coffee or take a shower or take your kids to school. If you have a busy house, you may need to wake up a little earlier to get some quiet time alone. Journal uncensored. Once you start writing do not go back and read it or cross out words or erase. Do not think what you are going to write and take pauses. Write as quickly as you can for 20 minutes. (Put on a timer) Or write until you fill up four full pages. Write as fast as you can so that you can connect with your subconscious. It is a way to clear your mind, a sort of mind dump. Write about the previous day, your to-do list, your worries, a problem with a friend, your dreams, what you are grateful for, whatever comes to mind. Do not go back later and read it. This is not writing to share. This is not supposed to be poetry or a masterpiece for a short story or a novel; this is for you to get clear with your thoughts (the good and the bad), to problem solve and to connect with the divine. The more often you practice this exercise the more you imagination will open up and you will connect with the divine. Your writing will be inspired!

Audio Journaling. What is audio journaling?

Audio journaling is releasing your thoughts by recording them instead of writing with a pen and paper. Are you a traveler? Are you always on the go? Moving? Packing? Flying to another city? Does a notebook take up too much weight or space in your suitcase? Do you forget to always have a notebook with you when you want to write? No problem. Most of us always carry a smart phone, so record your words into your phone instead. Use your smart phone's free recording app and record your thoughts freely. Talk into the recorder, again not censoring yourself or playing it back or re-recording, but press record and speak into the recorder for 12 minutes. It may seem like a long time at first but keep going and you will clear your thoughts and realize how much you have on your your plate and on your mind. Speaking into your phone has many benefits. You will never lose the recording; you don't have to worry about someone finding your journal and reading it (you can erase it right after recording) and by speaking you are strengthening your voice. Try it! It's a great way to clear your mind!

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