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Journaling To Improve Your Mindset

Hi Empaths!

Are you enjoying my Empowerment Challenge? In the first three weeks I taught meditations and creative visualizations to the group. Last week I taught some journaling.

Journaling is a great practice to clear our mind and improve our mindset. In my Group, I suggested three styles of journaling: 1) picking a topic and writing about it (I offered many journal prompts in the group), 2) Julia Cameron's Morning Pages, and 3) audio journals.

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Beeeee Kind To Yourself - Self-Care for Your Sinuses

Did you know that honey is a natural anti-bacterial? Yes, you can use it both as a preventative and as medicine when you get sick. But not all honey is equal. Honey that you buy at the grocery store is heavily processed and the processing takes out much of the health benefits. Sure, honey can always soothe a sore throat but if you want to reap the amazing health benefits it's best to get it from your local beekeeper.

MYTH: There is a myth that honey never spoils because it is an anti-bacterial.

FACT: Honey is best when it is fresh. It loses potency over time, just like other herbs, vitamins, and medication. If you have a bacterial infection, reach for some fresh local honey, instead of honey that's a few years old from your cupboard.

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My Recent Travel Revelation

As many of you know I do not consume gluten. In 1999 I became very ill breaking out in hives whenever I ate bread, cookies, crackers etc. Symptoms progressed to upset stomach, digestive issues, brain fog, insomnia, terrible acne, fatigue, etc as I continued to eat wheat. I became VERY, VERY sick. This was a huge surprise as I had eaten wheat all of my life without any issues. So I gave up wheat (even before it was trendy).

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